Our Mission & Guiding Principles

OneMissouri is committed to improving the quality of life for all Missourians through research, education, advocacy, and policy development. Our work is informed by the following set of guiding principles:


  1. We believe all Missourians should be treated with dignity, respect, and equality.
  2. We support economic and regulatory policies that boost business growth while improving the lives of Missouri’s workers.
  3. We opine the strength of our state depends on a well-educated society; to that end we support P-20 academic excellence and increased workforce development education.
  4. We believe that all Missourians deserve clean air and water.
  5. We think government entities exist to serve all Missourians; therefore, the public should expect good stewardship, transparency, and ethical practice from elected officials.
  6. We believe all Missourians deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare.
  7. We recognize that in order to thrive businesses and communities require a well-maintained infrastructure.
  8. We acknowledge the importance of creating safe communities for all Missourians.
  9. We support the adoption of sound fiscal policies and a fair tax structure for all Missourians.



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