Month: February 2021


Missouri Budget Affects Us All

The Missouri Budget Legislative Committee serves as the basic policy document for the state. It’s what drives all expenditures, and its decisions affect every Missourian. Roads, bridges, Medicaid expansion, WIC, P-12 schools, higher education, public libraries, law enforcement, unemployment benefits, state parks–you name it.    Major Missouri Budget Actions Already in the Pipeline Twenty-two Republicans […]


Racial Justice: Missourians Can Make a Difference

Whether we realize it or not, racial justice is something that touches the lives of all Missourians. We all deserve to be treated fairly without bias, disrespect, or discrimination.    Our nation has a storied past when it comes to racial equity. Likewise, the Show-Me State has aspects of its history that many would just […]

Racism Women

Lucile Bluford: Trailblazer, Journalist, Activist

As she was growing up, Lucile Bluford couldn’t have imagined that she would become a highly influential journalist, a political activist, a key player in racial equality, and a role model for women–and yet she did. Spanning a life of 92 years, this amazing woman demonstrated limitless determination, tenacity, courage, and grit.    Destined to […]


Character Matters in Missouri Politics

This shouldn’t even need to be said, but character matters in Missouri politics. Most in the Show-Me State have long touted their support for traditional family values, faith, patriotism, law and order, and guns.    Just before every election, we can count on an endless supply of TV ads, radio spots, and flyers in our […]

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