2021 Missouri Legislative Education Committees

2021 Legislative Education Committees

2021 Missouri Legislative Education Committees

Education is an issue that affects us all, regardless whether we are parents, students, employers, or teachers. Most of the time, when we think of Education, we think of our local public P-12 schools, or perhaps a local university. While that’s certainly accurate, it’s actually our elected officials in Jefferson City who can often make decisions about education that affect schools across the state. This can include education policy, teacher certification requirements, school safety measures, and even curriculum. We are providing names and contact information for the 2021 Missouri Legislative Education Committees, both for the State House of Representatives and State Senate:


2021 Missouri State House Education  Committee Members

Chuck Basye Chair R 47 573-751-1501
Mike Haffner Vice-Chair R 55 573-751-3783
Paula Brown Ranking Minority Member D 70 573-751-4163
Ben Baker Member R 160 573-751-9781
Gretchen Bangert Member D 69 573-751-5365
Rusty Black Member R 7 573-751-2917
Phil Christofanelli Member R 105 573-751-2949
Bruce DeGroot Member R 101 573-751-1247
Shamed Dogan Member R 98 573-751-4392
Derek Grier Member R 100 573-751-9765
Ron Hicks Member R 102 573-751-9768
Justin Hill Member R 108 573-751-3572
Ian Mackey Member D 87 573-751-0100
Maggie Nurrenbern Member D 15 573-751-4787
Jonathan Patterson Member R 30 573-751-0907
Brad Pollitt Member R 52 573-751-9774
Mark Sharp Member D 36 573-751-9469
Dan Stacy Member R 31 573-751-8636
Marlene Terry Member D 66 573-751-6845
Cheri Toalson Reisch Member R 44 573-751-1169



2021 Missouri State Senate Education Committee Members

Cindy O’Laughlin Chairwoman R 18 (573) 751-7985
Rick Brattin Vice-Chair R 31 (573) 751-2108
Lauren Arthur Member D 17 (573) 751-5282
Mike Cierpiot Member R 8 (573) 751-1464
Elaine Gannon Member R 3 (573) 751-4008
Andrew Koenig Member R 15 (573) 751-5568
Bob Onder Member R 2 (573) 751-1282
Greg Razer Member D 7 (573) 751-6607
Jill Schupp Member D 24 (573) 751-9762


There are some important bills that have already been filed in this year’s session. Keep these lists handy and reach out to 2021 Missouri Legislative Education Committee members if you feel strongly about an issue and want your voice to be heard.




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