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Four-Day Week School Districts: A Band Aid Approach

"Four-Day Week School Districts"

It’s time state lawmakers got serious about making P-12 public education a priority in the Show-Me State. 

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Is Dr. King’s Vision Supported in Missouri Schools?

Dr. King's vision

Is the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education doing all it can to help students develop important critical thinking skills?

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Vision Care in Missouri: Solutions Needed

Vision Care

Today, those who are able to attain vision coverage through their job are fortunate. However, healthcare coverage options are generally limited for individuals living in the Show-Me State.

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SB291: The Law that Paved the Way for Four-Day Schools


Legislation passed in 2009 paved the way for Missouri K-12 school districts to alter their academic schedules in a big way.

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Physical Therapy in Missouri: A Reality Check

Physical Therapy

In order to truly develop a good understanding of what it’s like to practice one of the healing arts in Missouri, it’s best to go “straight to the source” by speaking with a professional in that field.

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Higher Education Funding for Missouri Institutions

Higher Education Funding

Missouri’s funding levels over the past 5 years have kept it in the middle of the pack nationwide, but per capita it ranks #46.

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Four-Day Week Schools: Benefits and Risks

Four-Day Week Schools

By shutting their doors a full day each week, Missouri school districts may save some money on transportation and utility bills, but the verdict is still out as to whether the risks outweigh the benefits. 

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Physical Therapy Care: Ensuring Access for All Missourians

Physical Therapy Care

Missourians all across the state need access a licensed physical therapist, and they often need insurance to help pay for that care. Both needs can be challenging.

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Supply & Demand: Physical Therapy Care in Missouri

Physical Therapy Care

Demand for physical therapists will continue to grow across Missouri in the coming years. Will we be ready?

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Home Health Care in Missouri: Meeting an Important Need


Home Health Care in Missouri: Supply, Demand, & Some Surprising Salary Insights

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